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  • Audience Extension
  • Refined Reach
  • High-Viewability
  • Quantifiable Inventory


AerServ is the leading provider of premium mobile video advertising to brand buyers.  Mediaocean has partnered with AerServ in order to provide local broadcast buyer’s proprietary technology delivering targeted, digital/mobile inventory will sit side by side with local broadcast in the buyers’ dashboard.  Buyers will be able to access unique and premium inventory through one source. 

AerServ extends your broadcast brand message by reaching millions of mobile users via smartphones and/or tablets.  AerServ delivers to users brand advertisers messages via premium video at scale, with market-leading performance, amazing targeting and great value.

Today, over 2,000 publishers plug into AerServ and over 100 brand advertising firms purchase quality mobile advertising from AerServ.  

  • Audience extension of your broadcast by reaching millions of mobile users
  • Reach the right users in the right places at the right times while they’re interacting with their mobile devices
  • Target/reach individual users based upon their demo and/or lifestyle category
  • Quantifiable, high-viewability mobile inventory driving brand awareness
  • Campaign reporting to include metrics on video completion rates/percentages, impression delivery and clicks

Getting Started

Look for inventory within your existing Spectra log-in. Call your sales team and request avails for markets. 

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