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At Mediaocean, our platforms are built on open, neutral architecture – and our developer partners are an integral part of the ecosystem. By joining the Mediaocean developer network, you can plug your applications into the heart of the advertising agency workflow.


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For Developers

With our Ad Server API you can integrate your external ad server with Prisma to send and retrieve campaign and placement data.
A REST-based attribution API that provides the ability to integrate attributed metrics into Prisma campaigns for analysis and optimization.
The Aura API enables you to record and submit project hours in one place with Aura timesheets.
Our Automated Avails API enables buyers to electronically request and receive proposals directly within the Spectra systems.
The Buy platform API enables users to provide the budget details for buys created in Prisma or Radia to an external buying platform.
This API enables buyers to get a list of all the fields for media properties.
With this API, buyers have a wide range of APIs available for the management of their orders.
This API enables buyers to get the reference data for a specific campaign which they can then use to construct line items using an agency's customized line...
With this API, buyers have a wide range of APIs available for the management of their RFPs and proposals.
Our Data API provides you with the ability to programmatically access live data from Prisma, helping you maintain your extracts and data delivery databases.
Our DSP integration API allows you to integrate your demand-side platform (DSP) with Radia so you can send and receive campaign and line item details.
This API is used by Mediaocean to notify you about events that affect you. For example, the Order event notification API notifies you when one of your orders has...
Retrieve a campaign's fee orders that are associated with your ad server, DSP, or verification partner.
Financials integration API allows third party applications to integrate with Mediaocean bill/pay solutions using Prisma.
Our Invoices API enables digital versions of invoices to be uploaded to our buying system, with the option to attach invoice scans.
Publish data from Mediaocean Spectra buying systems into 3rd party optimization partner tools. Interpret the published data, perform brand allocations and media...
The Organization APIs are used to provide you with information about the organizations you are authorized to work with.
This API enables partners to populate their internal database or data-warehousing application with live data downloads from Prisma in bulk daily, as well as the...