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At Mediaocean, our platforms are built on open, neutral architecture – and our developer partners are an integral part of the ecosystem. By joining the Mediaocean developer network, you can plug your applications into the heart of the advertising agency workflow.


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For Developers

Prisma integration APIs enable our partners to integrate with the media buying workflow in Prisma, PATS, or Radia.
The Master Data API enables data to be imported and ingested into MDM, which is then translated and sent to Prisma for users to access in their campaigns.
These APIs detail bulk data imports for Aura.
Integrate your demand-side platform (DSP) with Prisma.
The Provisioning of users API enables you to create, amend, and terminate your own users in Mediaocean without the need for user authentication via a private key...
Our Security API helps you integrate securely with Prisma, offering two routes for user authentication and authorization with our REST APIs.
This API enables buyers to get a list of all the fields for media properties.
Populate your internal database or data-warehousing application with data downloads from PATS in bulk daily.
Request the TV makegoods rules defined by an agency and advertiser.
With this API, sellers have a wide range of APIs available for the management of their orders.
This API enables sellers to get the reference data for a specific campaign which they can then use to construct line items using an agency's customized line...
With this API, sellers have a wide range of facilities available for the management of their RFP and proposal workflow.
These APIs provide daily live data downloads from Spot in a useful and convenient form for use in custom reports and queries and for integration with other data...
The Spectra Master Data API provides Mediaocean client master data based on individual user security.
These APIs are used by ad agency traffic coordinators to request Mediaocean client traffic data to execute ad delivery orders. This reduces delays in access to...
Receive notification and request details of trafficked lines by campaign and order. Publish delivery verification data directly into the Mediaocean Blockchain...