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  • Universal tag management
  • Dynamic creative
  • Sequencing control


With more than 18 years of expertise in digital advertising, Adform is the technology partner for executing advertising campaigns across the world’s leading digital media platforms. Powered by Odin, its premier AI for paid-media activation and analysis, Adform’s media agnostic approach encompasses the execution and measurement of digital campaigns across traditional and emergent channels: online display, video, audio, connected TV and digital out of home.

Mediaocean has partnered with Adform to provide users seamless data transfer and interoperability between the two platforms. Prisma users can access Adform’s MRC-accredited  delivery data inside Prisma holistically alongside other workflows. As cross device campaigns become the digital standard, the integration with Adform complements Prisma’s robust campaign management solution to provide insights across multiple channels and devices.

  • Seamless Omnichannel Media Planning: With the ability to synchronize placements between Adform and Prisma, users benefit from streamlined operations and minimize duplicate data entry.
  • The Integrated Advertising Platform: combine Prisma with the full suite of Adform’s creative production, ad-serving, web analytics, DCO, DSP and DMP tools. Understand true performance with a full range of reporting tools, including dedicated creative evaluation and multi-touch attribution. 
  • Consolidated Reporting: Adform’s integration with Prisma allows you to view Adform campaign and placement delivery reporting directly from the Prisma platform. With Adform’s MRC-accredited measurement (for Impression and Viewability measurement across Desktop, Mobile Web and In-app for both Display and Video), users can really trust the data sent to the Prisma platform.
  • Leading Creative Management Tools: Prisma users can leverage industry leading dynamic creative tools, self-service creative studio and scalable programmatic rich media.

Getting Started

Adform is supported as an integrated ad server for Prisma. Users can select Adform as their primary or secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to delivery data and the ability to send updates.

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