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AnchorOps is dedicated to providing financial management and electronic payment solutions for media buying and advertising agencies. The company’s offerings drive process efficiencies, increased revenue, reduced financial risk, and allow employees to focus on customers instead of tactical execution. AnchorOps’ product suite includes AnchorOps ePay, enabling frictionless collaboration among agencies, advertisers, and suppliers.  Its software platform, OpsPulse, includes modules, media reconciliation, and RFP/Promotions management.

AnchorOps and Mediaocean partnered to create the first electronic payment solution to help large agencies streamline media payment process. The integrated offering enables Mediaocean’s Prisma and Spectra users to leverage the benefits of AnchorOps ePay directly within the platforms, while adhering to established processes and controls already in place by agency financial users.

  • AnchorOps ePay tight integration into Mediaocean’s workflow and processes.  This enables customers to have seamless capability to initiate an electronic payment directly from within Mediaocean and ensures that the solution adheres to Mediaocean approval workflow and roles, security, and other critical processes.
  • AnchorOps cross-platform integration with Mediaocean enables electronic payments via a drop down within Spectra and Prisma across media types.  Payment files are transferred securely from Mediaocean systems to the bank for secure and seamless process compliance.
  • Automation is built directly into Mediaocean, with AnchorOps rich media finance expertise readily available to be leveraged by Mediaocean partners. 
  • AnchorOps “TROVE” provides in-depth media supplier hierarchy and relationships.  Trove is updated for seemingly constant changes and consolidation in our industry.  This ensures more accurate data and reliable payment information.
  • Rapid implementation from Mediaocean and AnchorOps includes enterprise-level customer support for the integration.

Getting Started

To get started with the joint AnchorOps and Mediaocean integration, please contact your Mediaocean Account Manager.

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