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  • Multi-Environment Mobile Tracking and Ad Serving
  • Real-Time Campaign Insights and Analytics
  • Customizable Audience Dashboard and DMP


Barometric provides a fully hosted and managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to make complex data management, analysis, and measurement functions eansy and actionable for advertisers. Barometric’s technology platform, which currently processes up to 4 billion ad calls per day, was originally developed as an internal tool for AdTheorent’s data-driven mobile ad network. Since 2011, Barometric has served, tracked, and organized petabytes of data for AdTheorent’s predictive modeling platform, delivering unparalleled accuracy. Barometric is the only cross-channel solution that allows brands and agencies to understand a single user’s actions across all mobile media channels, bridging mobile web and in-app activity, providing the most accurate cross channel mobile attribution.  For the first time, advertisers can use one technology platform – delivered as a turn-key, fully managed, and hosted service -- to manage and learn from their data to unlock the power of mobile.

Mediaocean has partnered with Barometric to enable Prisma users access to Barometric’s capabilities within the Prisma workflow. Barometric complements Prisma’s robust campaign management solution to accurately serve and track all mobile media types – a requirement for effectiveness now that mobile and cross-device campaigns have become the industry standard.  

  • Multi-Environment Mobile Tracking and Ad Serving— The Barometric platform and hosted service offering was developed to solve a pervasive and fatal flaw of competing solutions: for each mobile environment (mobile app, web), a different ID is assigned to the mobile user. This can lead to difficulty attributing behaviors and actions to one single user, making it difficult for advertisers to leverage insights across different mobile initiatives.Barometric offers the only technology platform capable of collecting the many different IDs across all environments and matching them back to a single user, resulting in superior accuracy.  Barometric can track in all mobile environments: Web, App, Rich Media, Video, and Brand Studies. Barometric can track using a variety of methods, including Impression ID, Click ID, Device ID (IDFA, Android ID), cookie, Probabilistic ID, and 3rd Party Universal ID. Additionally, Barometric has a proprietary App SDK for tracking app installs and in-app actions. This allows advertisers to understand how audiences are engaging with the app, such as learning peak usage time and identifying power users, all in real-time.  Barometrics turn-key platform and user interface makes it easy to create campaigns and serve any ad type. Too many advertisers make the mistake of using disparate ad serving, tracking, and analytics solutions. Only by leveraging Barometrics all-in-one solution can advertisers manage their campaign data and make it work for them.

  • Real-Time Campaign Insights and Analytics — Effective data-driven digital and mobile advertising depends on the ability to generate predictive models based upon post-click events such as app downloads or product purchases – both online and offline. Barometric-powered post-click analytics provide real-time data analysis and reporting, arming advertisers with real-time insights into what is working and what is not. Armed with these insights, advertisers can make adjustments during a campaign to maximize the value of their ad spend.

  • Customizable Audience Dashboard and DMP — As part of Barometrics managed service, Barometric will automatically build a custom DMP for each advertiser, allowing easy access to understand and manage the advertisers mobile audience. This is integrated simply with any 3rd party data (i.e., Placed, BlueKai, Nielsen, etc.). Additionally, Barometrics 1st party data will enrich the advertisers DMP with geography, device, and more -- providing an extra layer of granularity and audience insight.

Getting Started

Barometric is supported as an integrated tracking, serving, and analytics platform for Prisma. Users can select Barometric as their primary or a secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to delivery data and the ability to send updates.

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