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Cadent Network

Cadent Network provides exceptional national cable, broadcast, and Hispanic media value for its advertising partners. By leveraging our robust technology platform and the strength of our relationships with varied inventory suppliers, Cadent Network serves as an innovative complement to your media planning and buying. Our product roadmap includes data-rich media planning and advances in addressable and programmatic TV.

Many benefits of the Cadent network include, but not limited to:

  • Cadent Network’s fully enabled end-to-end ad tech solution, Cadent Network delivers an exceptional national media value powered by its technology platform designed to optimize results.

  • Strategic relationships with the country’s leading MVPDs (Cable, Satellite, TelCo) offer a level of automation and inventory access that is unmatched in the industry.  Our national footprint reaches all 210 DMAs, 3600+ local zones and 100+ million households.

  • Cadent Network’s technology advances powered by our proprietary data, analytics, and exclusive predictive algorithms provide advertisers with a sophisticated level of automation and orchestration of media plans. 

  • Cadent Network is the leader in visibility and verification using Nielsen ratings and MSA posting.

Cadent Network has been the industry leader over the past 21 years, enabling agencies and clients to leverage a more efficient unwired National buy. This inventory can now be delivered through the Mediaocean Hub right to your desktop in the Spectra National Buy Toolkit (DS) or Deal eXchange (OX). 

Getting Started

Please contact your Cadent Network or Mediaocean account manager to get started today.

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