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  • Responsive ad design
  • Cross-screen capabilities
  • Video technology
  • 3rd party ad serving


Celtra empowers agencies, media suppliers and brand leaders with the leading creative technology for data-driven brand display advertising across all screens including mobile, tablets and desktop. AdCreator 4 is built to run large-scale and complex campaigns. It is a single, self-service platform for streamlined data-driven ad creation, performance optimized serving and consolidated reporting, providing common metrics across all screens. Celtra is headquartered in Boston (MA), with offices in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London (UK), Tokyo (JP), Sydney (AU) and Ljubljana (SI). For more information, visit Celtra at or @CeltraMobile on Twitter.

Mediaocean has partnered with Celtra to enable Prisma users access to Celtra delivery data inside Prisma holistically with the rest of their workflow. As mobile and cross device campaigns become the industry standard, integration with Celtra complements Prisma’s robust campaign management solution to accurately serve and track all mobile media types.

  • Centralized Campaign Management - The powerful dashboard allows total access to all aspects of your smartphone, tablet and desktop campaigns. This intuitive control panel is packed with collaboration features that empower you to save time every step of the way.
  • Comprehensive Ad Building - Relevant creative drives successful brand advertising, thus we provide marketers with the best tools to build and deliver it seamlessly and effortlessly across all screens. AdCreator 4 builder brings you unmatched creative options including data-driven dynamic ads that enable you to power your creatives with audience data.
  • Unique Ad Formats Designed for Scalable Creative Content – Brand display campaigns can be delivered via a set of programmatic friendly, bullet proof formats or a selection of impactful, cutting-edge agnostic ad formats built to deliver value to both brand and consumer.
  • Performance Optimized Ad Serving - Deliver your ads quickly and easily with Tag Generator that supports a safe creation of accurate tags per media partner. The quick, two-step process ensures that your ad is published and distributed with the appropriate tag settings.
  • Advanced and Reliable Analytics - With common media, video, and engagement metrics, AdCreator 4 allows you to track performance and compare the efficacy of media in a single comprehensive overview, regardless of devices, screens, or platforms the campaign reached.

Getting Started

Celtra is supported as an integrated ad server for Prisma. Users can select Celtra as their primary or secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to delivery data and the ability to send updates.

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