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Mediaocean has partnered with Collab, the largest independent digital entertainment network on YouTube, reaching 57% of all US P18-34s every month. 

The Collab network delivers massive broadcast level scale down to the local market level. A network of fun, positive content that Gen Z and Millennial audiences love to watch. Collab features on-demand comedy, gaming, lifestyle, family, pets, and music videos refreshed daily. Most importantly, it’s all brand-safe and authentic to the generations that have migrated away from TV. 

Beginning in 2020, the Collab network is available through Mediaocean as a digital extension to your local spot TV buy.

Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Platform brings together the largest advertising agencies in the world with the latest tools and technologies designed to support them. Through Connect, agencies can discover, customize, and access a complete ecosystem of advertising inventory suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies to help deliver their advertising messages directly to a changing audience, wherever they are.

Some benefits of utilizing Collab through Connect include:

  • 71M monthly unique viewers
  • 57% reach of 18-34s
  • 100% brand-safe
  • Geo-Targeting available: DMA, ADI, State, City, Zip or custom area
  • Demo targeting available: 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-49
  • Nielsen DAR measurement available
  • Dayparting available
  • Programming can be sponsored, roadblocked, 1st pod position guaranteed
  • Unit lengths available: :06, :15, :30 and longer

Getting Started

Please contact your Mediaocean Account Manager to get started today.


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