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Court TV Mystery

Court TV Mystery is a dynamic extension of one of TV's most iconic brands, Court TV, building on its existing fandom and storied success in the television industry. Featuring investigative crime series (The First 48), real-life docuseries, popular acquired series (Unsolved Mysteries, Forensic Files, Crime Watch Daily), and exclusive originals (Deep Undercover, Murderous Affairs), Court TV Mystery will keep viewers on the edge of their seats with true crime, all the time. Join the Investigation.

  • Utilize Court TV Mystery’s broadcast & cable campaign ratings for RFP proposals and post-campaign audience delivery.
  • Mediaocean/Spectra enables buyers and planners to seamlessly access, manage and steward their client’s Court TV Mystery media schedule.
  • Analyze Court TV Mystery’s ratings to extend your client’s cable campaign reach with our OTA unduplicated viewers.

Getting Started

Court TV Mystery inventory will be made available within Spectra DS and Spectra OX alongside traditional inventory sources and can be researched using the planning/ranker tool Nielsen Station ID MYS. Spectra buyers can directly access Court TV Mystery inventory using Spectra's Automated Avails workflow to RFP and receive real-time avails based on their target audience, campaign and buying parameters.

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