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  • Local, premium content
  • Digital integration with TV campaigns
  • Broad reach with precision targeting

Cox Reps

Local Connection, National Reach
Cox Reps is the leading media partner for local, cross-platform, advertising solutions on a national scale. Video, mobile, and display ads are available, leading to an extensive reach across markets. The ad impressions run on local TV websites, providing advertising professionals with the ability to align with the website’s premium brand. Cox Reps stations are affiliated with major networks such as CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, and The CW, so running ads on their sites allows for leveraged brand equity. Cox Reps offers audience extension options that precisely target ad inventory on reputable national sites to reach audiences on a larger scale.

Commercial Respect
Cox Reps local TV sites offer premium, brand-safe content; everything that appears on the website is held to the same high standard in reporting as their television content. Agencies and advertisers trust Cox Reps with $3 billion in television advertising, and digital campaigns will be treated with the same level of respect.

Success in Simplicity
Buying digital advertising can all be done with a few simple clicks, as Cox Reps offers an ease of execution for buyers by adding a digital extension to the TV buy. Mediaocean and Cox Reps have partnered to provide digital inventory on very same dashboard as TV, which means that advertising professionals can find everything they need for their local campaigns in one convenient place.


  • Advertise with major network websites and reach local audiences in your key DMAs
  • Select from video, mobile, and display options
  • Profound respect for your digital campaign
  • Purchase local digital inventory on the same buying platform as TV

Getting Started

Cox Reps inventory will be available in Spectra DS and Spectra OX alongside traditional inventory.  Request local broadcast avails from directly within your existing Spectra Local Broadcast system. Call your Account Manager with any questions.

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