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  • Greater reach
  • Effective performance management
  • Proven performer


DAX U.S. is the market leader in digital audio advertising. It is the world’s most advanced and largest programmatic platform giving advertisers access to an audience of 160 million people across premium publishers including Global’s Capital, Heart and Radio X, SoundCloud, Deezer, and audioBoom. Buying digital audio has never been simpler. DAX U.S. is a full-service platform, giving advertisers everything they need to run effective campaigns in one, simple buy.


Mediaocean and DAX U.S. have partnered to give you access to premium audio inventory and help you connect and resonate with highly engaged audiences. Effectively reach your target audience every time with more streamlined process, automation, and intelligence.


  • Greater Reach
    • DAX U.S. has access to an audience of 160 million people across premium publishers, enabling advertisers to achieve the strongest scale
  • Effective Performance Measurement
    • With DAX U.S. you can easily measure the performance of your audio ads to ensure your campaigns are performing at the highest level. You can measure what time audiences are listening, whether they visited your site, and how far down the purchasing funnel they went
  • Proven Performer
    • DAX U.S. adds contextual relevance to ad campaigns, increasing their effectiveness when combined with other media channels and has exclusive partnerships with publishers that have driven real and measurable results for brands

Getting Started

To get started with this integration contact your Mediaocean accocunt manager.

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