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Extreme Reach

Extreme Reach offers the only enterprise technology designed distinctly to bring together the TV and Video ad workflows with all aspects of Talent & Rights management in a single, easy-to-use cloud platform. One platform and one process make brand advertising easier, and analytics more insightful, with the assurance of rights compliance wherever ads play. 

Extreme Reach serves the world’s biggest brands, agencies, post-production houses, all media destinations, and the talent community, simplifying the process for every team that touches an ad campaign -- start to finish. Extreme Reach was named in 2016 to Forbes magazine’s list of Top 100 Private Cloud companies and twice earned a spot on the Inc. 500. 

Agencies have historically struggled with disjointed, manual processes between TV media teams, creative teams, and trafficking teams to ensure ads meet broadcaster’s technical specifications and are delivered on-time. Extreme Reach’s partnership with Mediaocean provides an immediate solution. It is a tech-to-tech integration that connects and automates these processes, immediately streamlining the TV trafficking workflow. By linking the media buying and trafficking functions of Mediaocean with the asset management and ad delivery capabilities of Extreme Reach, advertisers and agencies are able to leverage extensive automation to dramatically reduce manual effort, delays and the potential for error. Adding the Talent & Rights management capabilities of Partnering with Extreme Reach for Talent & Rights management ensures that ads are always in compliance with talent contracts 

In addition to streamlining the process of TV ad buying and delivery, Extreme Reach is fully certified as a video ad server in Mediaocean Prisma, MRC accredited and verified by TAG, the Trustworthy Accountability Group. 

In short, the Extreme Reach partnership with Mediaocean includes: 

  • Spectra OX/DS Traffic Instruction Delivery – Seamless delivery of Mediaocean traffic instructions for all types of media outlets, including National Broadcast, Network TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Syndication, Local Broadcast, Local Cable and Local Radio
  • Ad Delivery – An exclusive integration between Mediaocean and Extreme Reach connects buy information with asset delivery, creating a frictionless workflow that saves time and reduces errors
  • Talent payments  – This exclusive integration enables automated processing of Talent payments in the Extreme Reach platform based on traffic data from Mediaocean
  • Prisma Ad Server Integration – Video ad serving with Extreme Reach through Mediaocean’s Prisma

Getting Started

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