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Grit is the network television home for the all-time great action heroes. Featuring TV legends like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and Charles Bronson, Grit’s programming comprises the largest and most diverse library of Westerns in all of TV as well as an iconic collection of American dramas. Viewers can enjoy classic movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Big Jake, True Grit, and Pale Rider. With classic storytelling delivered through timeless Western action movies, Grit is truly television with backbone.

  • Utilize Grit’s broadcast & cable campaign ratings for RFP proposals and post-campaign audience delivery.
  • Mediaocean/Spectra enables buyers and planners to seamlessly access, manage and steward their client’s Grit media schedule.
  • Analyze Grit’s ratings to extend your client’s cable campaign reach with our OTA unduplicated viewers.

Getting Started

Grit inventory will be made available within Spectra DS and Spectra OX alongside traditional inventory sources and can be researched using the planning/ranker tool Nielsen Station ID GRIT. Spectra buyers can directly access Grit inventory using Spectra's Automated Avails workflow to RFP and receive real-time avails based on their target audience, campaign and buying parameters.

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