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  • Ad Viewability
  • Fraud Protection
  • Brand Safety
  • Blocking
  • Authentic Impressions

Integral Ad Science

Mediaocean has partnered with Integral to provide users with trusted viewability delivery data, helping you pay only for viewed impressions. Integral Ad Science is the market leader in ensuring safe, quality media environments, enabling online media buyers and sellers globally to assess the value of every ad opportunity across channels and screens, and make informed decisions that maximize ROI.

Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Platform brings together the largest advertising agencies in the world with the latest tools and technologies designed to support them. Through Connect, agencies can discover, customize, and access a complete ecosystem of advertising inventory suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies to help deliver their advertising messages directly to a changing audience, wherever they are.

  • Discrepancy-free viewability measurement – Integral’s discrepancy-free viewability measurement works across display, video, and mobile, allowing media buyers and sellers to see the same numbers.
  • Industry-leading fraud detection and prevention – Integral’s dedicated fraud lab and data science team make sure models are up to date and best in class. Fraud measurement is included in viewability measurement, so “in-view” includes “to a human”.
  • Best-in-class brand safety – Protect your brand story from showing up in environments where it shouldn’t. Choose from 7 core content categories to target away from various risk thresholds. Custom keyword URL-level blocking is also available.

Getting Started

The Integral partnership is supported as an API integration with Prisma. If Prisma users are subscribed to Integral services, they can add Integral as a provider to any placements in their campaign to have the Integral delivery data retrieved in Prisma’s analyze view holistically with any other providers. To learn more about the partnership and begin using Integral services, please contact your Mediaocean account manager.

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