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  • All-Screen Digital Video Advertising
  • Video Preroll
  • Mobile Video
  • Desktop Video
  • Connected TV
  • OTT Video


JamLoop is an all-screen video advertising solution that helps marketers reach the best digital video audiences everywhere. Using a combination of technology, data and human expertise, we find the best video ad placements across all devices — from smartphones, tablets, and PCs to connected TVs and OTT apps — with guaranteed performance and full transparency.

JamLoop specializes in helping TV buyers find the same audiences in the digital video realm. The JamLoop/Mediaocean partnership makes it easy for traditional TV buyers to extend their reach onto digital screens using the exact same end-to-end workflow in Spectra, from planning & buying to insertion order approval to invoicing.  During the planning process, we can help the media buyer make an apples-to-apples comparison of reach (GRP) and cost (CPP) between TV and Digital Video across all standard demo breakouts, offering a more holistic approach to the process. Afterall, a screen is a screen.

Mediaocean selected JamLoop as a Connect partner because of our broad market coverage, proven approach for delivering solid performance, enhanced transparency in the media buying process and strong customer service.

All of JamLoop’s video inventory is scored for brand safety, quality, audience relevance and performance within our programmatic video buying platform.  The inventory list includes over 10,000 quality, brand-safe sites and apps that offer 100% pre-roll, non-skippable, single-pod video placements.  To start, we typically recommend a mix of 40% Desktop, 50% Mobile, 10% Connected TV for campaigns that reflects overall consumer device usage, and then optimize the screen mix according to our clients’ performance objectives.

For audience targeting, JamLoop uses respected third-party data DMP providers (e.g. Nielsen/Exelate) to identify audiences based on demographics, interests or psychographics gleaned from user clickstreams, surfing patterns and app usage.

  • Extend reach of their TV audiences onto digital video, using the same age & gender demos for each market
  • Reach over 85% of digital video audiences in each market, with GRP and CPP estimates
  • Leverage the existing Spectra workflow for buying, approving, invoicing TV buys for a digital video buy
  • Take advantage of enhanced targeting only found in digital advertising; for example, zip code or radius targeting, behavioral targeting, re-targeting.

Getting Started

To buy digital video in your local markets, start by uploading the JamLoop call letters in each market – just like a local TV station.  Then send us a sample RFP and we will respond with a proposal in our preferred format:  Either XML (which you can upload into Spectra) or pdf  or Excel.

Our Connect Integrations

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