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  • Integrated campaign setup
  • Dynamic media plan updates
  • Integrated campaign performance reporting


Jivox enables the world’s top advertisers and agencies to produce and deliver personalized digital ad experiences. The company’s flagship product, Jivox IQ, is a data-driven dynamic ad platform for creating and serving personalized ads across all screens. Jivox IQ is the first cloud-based ad platform that delivers all standard and rich media formats, including interactive banners, native ads, video, images, animations, content feeds, social media and dynamic content across all screens. 

Jivox IQ is comprised of four core components: A Data Engine that integrates external data with campaign metadata and analytics in real-time to drive personalization and simplify campaign management. A Content Management System (CMS) that manages all creative assets and prepares them for personalized distribution across all screens. An Integrated Ad Server that collaborates with the CMS and Data Engine to dynamically render and serve rich media ads on all screens. A Design Studio that eliminates the need for hand-coding and allows developers to create targeted, rich media ads within an intuitive design interface.

Mediaocean has partnered with Jivox to provide Prisma users a single view of ad serving, billing, and reporting that can simultaneously support data-driven dynamic advertising campaigns as well as traditional, banner ad serving. Jivox IQ’s integration with Mediaocean’s Prisma eliminates the workflow complexity associated with using multiple ad servers, and lowers campaign costs, delivering advancedad serving capabilities to agencies.

  • Integrated Campaign Setup - Media plans created within Prisma are delivered electronically to Jivox IQ, facilitating a single view of ad serving, billing, and reporting for campaigns across all screens.
  • Unification - Jivox eliminates the need for multiple ad servers; all ads (rich media as well as traditional banners) can be served at scale across one ad serving platform.
  • Dynamic Media Plan Updates - Changes or additions to the media plan are immediately synchronized between Prisma and Jivox, eliminating manual entry of media plans and thereby saving time and reducing errors.
  • Integrated Campaign Performance Reporting - Jivox IQ impression and click data are reported back to Prisma, tagged with the site, placement and creative names to ensure that reporting and billing produced within Prisma accurately matches the media plan.

Getting Started

Jivox is supported as a fully integrated ad server for Prisma. Users can select Jivox as their primary or a secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to send media plans to Jivox IQ and receive performance reporting back into Prisma.

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