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Markit on Demand

Markit On Demand is dedicated to the delivery and presentation of financial data, transforming complex information into elegant user experiences. Markit on Demand’s Adhesion provides ad serving and optimization services for the financial services industry. Adhesion combines contextually relevant delivery data with real time web analytics to maximize user engagement and conversions across display advertising, onsite marketing and personalization of product pages.

Mediaocean has partnered with Markit on Demand to enable Prisma users access to Adhesion delivery data inside Prisma holistically with the rest of their workflow. As interactive reporting becomes a requirement for digital media buying, the integration with Adhesion complements Prisma’s robust campaign management solution to accurately serve and track ads holistically alongside financial reporting.

  • Financial tool integration - Adhesion was built to accommodate a much closer interaction between financial tools and advertising campaigns promoting those tools, so you can easily combine insights from your delivery data with other Markit on Demand insights.
  • Market Data – Adhesion utilizes market data in both its trafficking instructions and reporting. As an example, do more people click on an ad when the VIX (volatility index) is high or low?
  • Total Privacy - The Adhesion ad server uses cookies to avoid additional database lookups, but does not use any other systems for persistently identifying users between views and visits. Cookies and all collected data from this domain are advertiser-specific and are not shared between multiple advertisers serving ads from it.
  • Rich media creative - The design and production of dynamic units is an Adhesion specialty. The team works side-by-side with the technology group to ensure new units take advantage of the latest targeting and serving features.
  • Optimization services - The Adhesion optimization team is available to study massive data sets and surface actionable improvements to a particular strategy. The team works closely with Creative to inform new campaigns and can advise ontargeting adjustments.

Getting Started

Markit on Demand’s Adhesion is supported as an integrated ad server for Prisma. Users can select Markit on Demand as their primary or a secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to delivery data and the ability to send updates.

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