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  • Future-proofed
  • Streamlined
  • Cost-effective
  • Innovative
  • Dynamic is a leading Social TV and Social Advertising software provision company.’s flagship product ‘Story’ provides broadcasters and advertisers the ability to easily gather live social media content (and/or 3rd party content feeds) and re-publish it in live linear TV broadcasts or as ‘near real-time’ pre-rendered spots. Via its extremely intuitive user interface, Story offers its users the ability to collect relevant data from online sources or social media in real-time. It provides a unique curating environment and a wide variety of tools to select, filter, and process social posts while they are being published to their respective destinations. With Story, it becomes possible to embed selected user generated content within advertising templates, live programming, or to generate a series of unique videos within minutes.

Mediaocean and have partnered to bring you a social TV solution with near real-time content versioning and greater automation. With more streamlined process, control, and cost efficiency, you can maximize your spots’ effectiveness for greater ROI.

  • Future-proofed – offers you an effective social TV solution so you can easily adopt the latest innovation in advertising.
  • Effective –’s Story platform offers live content versioning, and with more efficient delivery, ensuring the success of your campaigns.
  • Streamlined – With greater workflow automation, you can better stay on top of all your versioned spots and cut down on the time and cost typically needed.

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