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Pandora connects brands with quality audiences through the passion point of music. Their personalized music listening services reaches 79 million monthly unique visitors – about one-quarter of the U.S. population.   Pandora’s suite of advertising solutions helps marketers create meaningful connections between their brands and loyal listeners. And their data-driven marketing approach, supported by The Music Genome Project, ensures that brands can reach the right audience, with the right message, and at the right time. 

Pandora is a digital media leader in mobile and audio. With a full suite of advertising solutions, Pandora can recommend which solutions can best achieve their media objectives.  Listeners love Pandora because it’s personalized just for them, and they enjoy their personalized music streaming on over 1,000 connected devices and over 160 car models. Advertisers love Pandora because they can make meaningful connections with audiences no matter the time or place. Pandora believes that what’s good for the listener, is good for the advertiser.

Audio - Sound is one of the most powerful forms of media, and becomes even more relevant in the mobile, multi-tasking world. Pandora audio ads are designed to capture the attention of your audience no matter where the day takes them. Pandora’s custom audio products create the sound of your brand through branded radio and mixtapes.

Display - Pandora display ads are served only upon listener engagement, providing a highly effective attention-based media solution. Whether it’s a rich media experience or direct response campaign, they capture the moment to deliver brand messaging when someone is leaning in and looking at their screen. 

Video - Motion takes center stage in an audio environment, delivering video organically into listeners’ experience. With Pandora, your video stands out as a full-screen experience in a clean, premium environment.

Targeting - Pandora’s users provide valuable information on their age, gender, and zip upon registration. Their massive scale and ability to draw insights from music listening behaviors, allows them to intelligently target specific audiences. This precision targeting provides marketers with a stronger return on investment. So they can deliver relevant brand messaging to drive quality engagement with audiences.

Mediaocean and Pandora have partnered to give you access to premium digital audio inventory and help you connect and resonate with highly engaged audiences. Effectively reach your target audience every time with more streamlined process, automation, and intelligence.

  • Cross-channel Capabilities – Pandora offers premium inventory for display, connected TVs, smartphones, and more.
  • Better Targeting – Pandora sits on billions of points of data, allowing advertisers to hone in and reach their target audience for insightful marketing.
  • More Intelligence – Pandora allows advertisers to feel confident that they’re buying quality inventory at scale with valuable partnerships with trusted third party partners and data providers.
  • Scalable Products – Advertising on Pandora provides marketers with scalable solutions through audio, display, and video products that engage listeners at scale.
  • Engaging Solutions – Advertisers on Pandora can benefit from quality time spent with their listeners as a result of advertising solutions that serve upon engagement. 

Getting Started

Pandora inventory is available through Spectra OX Local, Spectra DS Local, and Spectra AV Local.
Contact your Mediaocean Account Manager with any questions. 

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