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Dojo by Phluant is a mobile ad serving and measurement platform. Dojo enables users to tailor, target, and hone their campaign creative for each placement using standard parameters and advanced targeting capabilities.

Mediaocean has partnered with Phluant to enable Prisma users access to Dojo delivery data inside Prisma holistically with the rest of their workflow. As mobile and cross device campaigns become the industry standard, the integration with Phluant complements Prisma’s robust campaign management solution to accurately serve and track all mobile media types.

  • Rich media – Phluant’s rich media ads can detect user devices, operating systems, geo-location, and DMAs to deliver targeted content. Phluant supports expandable, dynamic, and interstitial rich media banner ads.
  • Conversion tracking– Phluant measures how many visitors saw an ad impression, yet did not click an ad, but later visited the site. Conversion tracking can be used in static, rich media, social, and search campaigns, and can help advertisers by providing more insight into click-through activities.
  • Mobile analytics – Phluant’s detailed analytics reports show performance at the carrier, location, device, channel, and user levels. Advertiser, campaign, site, ad and creative level data to provide insight into which ads performed best on which sites

Getting Started

Dojo by Phluant is supported as an integrated ad server for Prisma. Users can select Phluant as their primary or a secondary ad server inside Prisma, with immediate access to delivery data and the ability to send updates.

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