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The partnership empowers local broadcast buyers and sellers to automate and resolve in-flight copy and buy discrepancies through a direct integration between Mediaocean’s Spectra DS, Spectra OX and Prisma Convergence. PremiumMedia360’s CLIR Flight, is an integrated buyer and seller console for in-flight campaign monitoring and resolution. It analyzes schedule and traffic data from Mediaocean combined with pre logs and post logs from networks and stations to identify errors before invoices are received into Mediaocean for reconciliation.

Our integration leverages CLIR Flight’s capabilities to synchronize buyer and seller data enabling the parties to identify and resolve discrepancies using Mediaocean’s Spectra DS, OX and DARE platforms.

Some of the benefits of utilizing PM360 through Connect include:

  • The ability to identify and resolve in-flight campaign issues using buy, traffic, pre/post log data in PremiumMedia360’s CLIR Flight dashboard before invoices are issued. 
  • PremiumMedia360 includes the ability to send electronic invoices from stations directly into Mediaocean Spectra for reconciliation.
  • Access to clean and accurate TIP-compliant post logs from a multitude of PremiumMedia360 stations for use in Prisma Performance Management.
  • The ability to process DARE orders for OTT/CTV and Video partners. Availability to be announced.

Getting Started

Please contact your Mediaocean Account Manager to get started today.

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