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Screenvision Media

Mediaocean has partnered with Screenvision Media, a national leader in cinema advertising and creating cross-platform campaigns online, in-lobby and on our 40 foot screens featured in 7 out of the top 10 US exhibitors. We offer the most premium video in the most immersive environment with the most desirable audience. Spread across 94% of DMAs nationwide, Screenvision Media covers 2,300 theatres, that’s over 15,000 screens!

Screenvision Media allows brands to tap into the entire movie-going experience with a journey that begins even before moviegoers step into the theatre and well after the movie. This includes in-lobby screens, VR + AR activations, mobile re-targeting, esports and gaming. It’s your chance to tap into our ever-growing network of moviegoers, which delivers 435 MILLION yearly impressions!

Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Platform brings together the largest advertising agencies in the world with the latest tools and technologies designed to support them. Through Connect, agencies can discover, customize, and access a complete ecosystem of advertising inventory suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies to help deliver their advertising messages directly to a changing audience, wherever they are.

A few of the main benefits of this integration include:

  • Premium Video: Guaranteed Live, "Planned" Viewing Insures Optimal Ad Visibility, and a Highly-Anticipated, Emotional Connection with Moviegoers
  • Immersive Environment: An ideal 100% Distraction-Free Viewing Environment Leverages the Impact of 40-Foot Screens and a 100% Receptive Consumer Mindset
  • Desirable Audience: Delivers Scale and Connectivity with a Passionate, Socially Active and Deeply Engaged Consumer
  • 59% Ad recall, 76% Ad likeability, 54% Consideration, 79% Purchase Intent

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