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  • Premium data
  • Station characteristics
  • Efficient comparison


Through, Kantar Media connects media buyers with media sellers in all media channels. Since 1919, SRDS data experts have collected and curated media brand profiles so media planners and buyers can use the data to discover and evaluate their options and make informed decisions for their campaigns. The data is constantly updated through inbound and outbound efforts, facilitated by long-time relationships with media outlets.

Mediaocean clients and users can license the industry-standard broadcast data and use it through their existing Mediaocean workflow. The core radio data delivered includes station call letters, owner, band format, and frequency. For TV, affiliation, call letters, owner, and channel are the foundation.

Media planners and buyers rely on broadcast data from Kantar Media in several ways:

  • To understand format, affiliation, and owner of stations, networks, and publications under consideration.
  • As a key part of station selection during evaluation.





  • Industry-standard data within the Mediaocean system for market evaluation
  • Find and compare quickly to make informed decisions
  • Helpful during planning for market facts, and during buying for confirming fit to audience


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