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The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk™ is a technology company that empowers buyers of advertising. Through its self-service, cloud-based platform, ad buyers can create, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns across ad formats and devices. Integrations with major data, inventory, and publisher partners ensure maximum reach and decisioning capabilities, and enterprise APIs enable custom development on top of the platform.

Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Platform brings together the largest advertising agencies in the world with the latest tools and technologies designed to support them. Through Connect, agencies can discover, customize, and access a complete ecosystem of advertising inventory suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies to help deliver their advertising messages directly to a changing audience, wherever they are.

Some benefits of utilizing The Trade Desk through Prisma incluide:

  • The integration with The Trade Desk enables agencies to execute their buys directly from the Prisma platform.
  • Campaign workflows are made more efficient, reducing time spent navigating between platforms and performing duplicative tasks.
  • Automated delivery reporting simplifies and expedites the billing reconciliation process, while removing error-prone data entry from the process. 

Getting Started

Please contact your Mediaocean Account Manager to get started today.

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