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Triton Digital

Launched in 2006 and operating in more than 45 countries, Triton Digital® is the largest technology provider to the global digital audio industry. Triton’s technology is designed to help broadcasters, podcasters, and streaming music services streamline their operations, build their online audience, and maximize their revenue.  Its comprehensive product suite includes audio delivery, audio monetization, audience measurement, and audience engagement tools.


Mediaocean has partnered with Triton Digital to bring you access to the industry standard for digital audio listening data. Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics® audience measurement platform is the only MRC-accredited online audio audience measurement solution in the world, and has been measuring the streaming audio space since 2008.


  • Comprehensive Measurement
    • Over the last 9 years, Webcast Metrics® data has become the currency for streaming audio advertising in the U.S., making it easy for advertisers and brands to determine the best destination and time to reach their target audience.  Webcast Metrics measures all online audio listening across all devices in every location, from desktop to mobile, TV to tablet, across broadcasters, podcasters, streaming music services, and digital on-demand
  • Audience Analysis
    • The robust audience analysis tool within Webcast Metrics provides you with even deeper insights into your streaming audience listenership and content performance, by enabling you to analyze your streaming audience by custom daypart, device type, geography, distribution platforms, and more
  • Where your Audience is Known
    • Webcast Metrics is 100% census-based, providing the most accurate and consistent audience data without utilizing samples, surveys, or panels

Getting Started

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