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  • Programmatic television
  • Audience targeting
  • New speed and efficiencies


Videa provides sales automation solutions and services that are designed to simplify the buying and selling of television advertising. They specialize in integrations with traditional television buying systems and traffic system data, yield optimization, and audience targeting. Owned by Cox Media Group, Videa is laser-focused on ensuring our supply-side platform for linear TV is the leading solution for local broadcasters to monetize their inventory in an automated fashion.

Mediaocean and Videa have partnered to provide agencies unprecedented speed, efficiency, and transparency to traditional local broadcast media transactions. Videa will also make broadcast inventory available in Mediaocean’s Spectra.

  • Gain unprecedented speed, efficiency, and transparency in linear TV transactions
  • Optimize campaign value and precision in today’s converging media landscape
  • Utilize data-enhanced audience targeting to drive value and new demand for linear television

Getting Started

Videa inventory will be made available within Spectra DS and Spectra OX.  Request local broadcast avails from directly within your existing Spectra Local Broadcast system.

Videa - See how we're changing the way TV advertising is bought and sold from VIDEA on Vimeo.

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