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It all starts with data.

VideoAmp is an engineering-driven software company that has built the world’s first integrated TV operating system for advertising by connecting TV data from 35 million U.S. set-top boxes with rich digital audience data in a single platform, enabling brands and their agencies to seamlessly plan, execute, optimize, and measure performance across every screen. By working off of a unified data set for cross-screen advertising, agencies, advertisers, and media owners have the ability to transact seamlessly across every device -- making advertising more effective and increasing return on ad spend (ROAS).

Mediaocean’s partnership with VideoAmp radically improves brands and agencies’ ability to optimize committed network television buys, often the most strategic portion of a brand’s budget, as well as scatter buys and digital video buys across Web, App and OTT through programmatic systems.

A partnership of three phases, Mediaocean and VideoAmp use data to help advertisers seamlessly plan, execute, optimize and measure media across every screen.

  1. National TV: Via Spectra’s import/export feature, Mediaocean can send National TV inventory to VideoAmp’s allocation and optimization engine, where it is allocated by brand and product. Optimal allocation is determined by VideoAmp’s proprietary algorithms and configurable data sources.
  2. Digital Video: With Mediaocean’s Connect Programmatic program, buyers can purchase programmatic video supply directly from VideoAmp, using Prisma and Radia. The new process eliminates manual and dual entry between systems, allows for holistic reporting in Prisma, and reduces invoice discrepancies.
  3. Local TV: Local broadcast TV buyers will be able to access VideoAmp’s programmatic video inventory via Mediaocean. VideoAmp will be listed as a “TV Station” and will be able to deliver guaranteed audiences in the top designated market areas across the country.


Partnership Benefits

  • Agencies and brands will be able to apply programmatic optimization and targeting to their massive upfront television commitments.
  • Media commitments will be able to be evaluated across-platforms—linear TV, VOD, OTT and digital video, for greater ROI and efficiency.
  • Agency holding companies and brands will be able to leverage their unique first and third party data, alongside traditional audiences. 

Getting Started

Please contact your Mediaocean account manager to let them know that you are interested.

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