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Connect with the media industry’s largest sell-side system of record.

Mediaocean’s partnership with WideOrbit joins two companies that are deeply integrated and invested in the broadcast TV advertising ecosystem. More than 90% of local TV stations in 180 U.S. markets use WideOrbit to manage their ad inventory. Mediaocean’s demand connected with WideOrbit’s supply makes transactions faster and easier, reducing errors that result from manual processes and improving the critical flow of data to give media buyers the insights they need in a timelier fashion.

WideOrbit has always been about making it easier to buy and sell media. Replacing the highly-manual, traditional workflow with a tightly coupled user experience, integration with Mediaocean speeds up the typically time-consuming process of makegoods while reducing errors and improving the timeliness of getting critical data to buyers. By pushing electronic orders from buyers to stations faster, agencies and advertisers are empowered to efficiently build more effective campaigns.

Mediaocean’s Connect Partner Platform brings together the largest advertising agencies in the world with the latest tools and technologies designed to support them. Through Connect, agencies can discover, customize, and access a complete ecosystem of advertising inventory suppliers, data providers, ad servers, and third-party technologies to help deliver their advertising messages directly to a changing audience, wherever they are.


Some benefits of utilizing WideOrbit through Connect include:

  • Real-time avail responses allow buyers to make more timely buys
  • Automated makegoods that apply the correct rules speed up offer acceptance/rejection
  • Automated weekly airtimes provide campaign performance detail for immediate posting, in-flight instead of end-of-month, and attributio

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