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YuMe is a multi-screen video advertising technology company that is evolving with the next generation of TV brand advertising. As television viewing audiences continue to fragment across screens, content types, and different platforms it becomes increasingly difficult for a brand to capture the attention of its desired audience.

YuMe’s platform and services simplify the complexity of this fragmentation with our technology. We help brands find the best placements to drive attention and campaign performance on any screen. By taking the influence and reach of television and marrying it with the science and accuracy of digital we are building a platform for the next generation of TV brand advertising.

YuMe’s integration with Mediaocean provides brands the ability to access premium digital video inventory through their existing spot TV buying workflow. TV buyers can view YuMe’s DMA specific video inventory and local TV station avails side-by-side. This provides TV buyers a holistic view of their video campaigns – allocating spots across traditional broadcast and cable channels, connected TV, mobile, and desktop – to create the perfect media mix.

  • Extend reach & surround living rooms with brand messaging as audiences multitask on desktop, mobile, tablet, & connected TV
  • Mimic consumer TV viewing behavior by extending traditional TV buys with connected TV
  • Seamlessly increase reach during heavy-ups, tent pole events, and promotions with four screen coverage
  • Leverage efficient CPPs while running on premium digital channels
  • Plan and measure TV & online video placements side-by-side

Getting Started

YuMe is available on Spectra DS and Spectra OX platform. Please contact your Mediaocean account manager to get started today.

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